Arranging the Hit - Surveying the #1 Songs

Arranging the Hit 2015

Surveying the #1 Songs

by Larry Beaird

For 2015, Larry Beaird has charted and extensively researched every #1 song of 2014! (from Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart)  He will present this information in his Arranging the Hit workshops to show writers the most commercial ways to write and present their songs. This research, combined with years of experience as a producer, arranger and musician, gives Larry insight as to what publishers, producers and artists are looking for in a song. (Click here to view Larry's bio.)

In his Arranging the Hit workshop, Larry will answer questions like:

  • What do the #1 songs have in common?
  • How does my song compare to the #1s?
  • What are the most common musical arrangements for #1 songs?
  • What is the average length for Intros? Verses? Choruses? Solos?
  • Does my song need a bridge? How many of the #1 songs have a bridge?
  • How quickly does a #1 song get to the first chorus?
  • Do I need a solo section in my song? How many #1 songs have solos?

Larry will also answer questions like:

  • How much money do the writers of a #1 song stand to make?
  • Which songs spent the most time at #1? Which writers? Which artists?
  • Which writers had the most #1 songs? Which artists? Which producers?
  • Why is co-writing advantageous?
  • ·Hear how the title of one hit song evolved as it was being written.
  • Time permitting, Larry will also give a short, easy lesson on the Nashville Number System.

Larry's next workshop will be Feb. 27th at the Durango Songwriters Expo near Santa Barbara, CA. Click here for details.

To read some reviews by previous attendees of the workshop, please click here.

(If you'd like to bring Larry's Arranging the Hit workshop to your area, please contact Larry at larry@beairdmusicgroup.)

All the best with your music!

Posted on February 3, 2015 .