Reviews for Arranging the Hit

     I am being very sincere when I say, “It was one of the most informative and enlightening music industry related weekends I have spent in my over 40-years in the music business”.  The best way to describe my experience is “WOW, what a great two days”. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and all of the workshop attendees, as I am already putting what I learned from you to good use in my songwriting efforts.     Michael Knox, Kansas City


     Dear Larry, Thank you for the excellent time you spent with us here in Sacramento. Musically it was one of the best times I've ever had; it was very well as educational. Thank you for your patience with us, and the attention that you paid to our songs.  Everyone loved the one-to-one workshops. Everyone here feels that the time spent with you was the most worthwhile experience we've had at any of our seminars.  After being able to sit with you and learn to focus on a song the way you do I have a new tool. Wow, it's a great tool...I've rewritten a couple of dozen songs as if I were still sitting with you, and it has made them all better songs.   Chris Burrows, Sacramento, CA


      Hi Larry, thanks for an inspirational, awesome evening in San Diego! I learned so much. Wish we had more people like you out here showing us the ropes of the biz.  Chris Armes, San Diego, CA


     Genuinely excellent critiques and helpful suggestions for everyone - young, old, good & not so good. Thank you for your thoughtful efforts on our behalf. I will be taking your advice on cutting out some lines. I will be applying that advice to ‘final’ versions of several songs which I thought were in the can! I love Nashville and hope to be there again within my lifetime. Good to meet you, thanks again.      Clive Kennedy, Los Angeles, CA 


     It was amazing! Larry Beaird is one stand up quality human being who knows his stuff.  I sure learned a lot. Thank you. Katrina Stahr, Sacramento, CA


Posted on February 5, 2015 .