Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr

Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr

“I’m having some of the best success I’ve ever had with the demos I recorded at Larry’s place….the best players in town…. great vibe… great mixes…. in and out on time…. and free beverages! I highly recommend the experience to all my songwriting buddies. This place is an absolute gem.”

Gary Burr
(Before Your Love – Kelly Clarkson) 

“Beaird Music Group, Inc. is a great place to record your music. It is so convenient to be able to record one or two songs at a time, and the recording quality is superb. The very first song I recorded there was put on hold by Sara Evans within two weeks. They have a great system in place for recording the music, booking the players and vocalists, and taking care of paying all the talent. I highly recommend their recording services.”

Tom Shapiro
(No Place That Far – Sara Evans)

Victoria Shaw, Lee Brice, Robin Meade

Victoria Shaw, Lee Brice, Robin Meade

“When I heard about Larry’s studio, I couldn’t wait to try it. Once I cut there I was hooked! What a great idea. I can’t believe somebody hadn’t done this years ago. It is SO convenient for a songwriter to be able to record a song or two when they don’t want to book a whole session. They always have “A List” players that I would have hired anyway. I’ve been extremely happy when I walk out of there.”

Victoria Shaw
(The River – Garth Brooks)

“Larry Beaird and company are really magicians as well as musicians. It’s amazing to watch them turn rough into gold!”

Tom Douglas
(My Little Girl – Tim McGraw)

“I love recording at your place…. It’s always a good vibe and you guys are just great…. Good staff…. all the best…"

James Slater
(In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride)

Bobby Hamrick, Sara Haze, James Slater, Larry Beaird

Bobby Hamrick, Sara Haze, James Slater, Larry Beaird

“This may be the first time in around 1000 demos that anyone has ever asked me if I was happy with their work on a demo. I appreciate you asking. We were very happy with the demo. In fact, Paul Overstreet was asking me to check on doing several more over there just today. We hope to be back over there in the next couple of weeks.”

Marty Dodson
(While You Loved Me – Rascal Flatts) 

“I think he’s wonderful. He’s a really nice guy who turns out some of the best demos in Nashville. As a guitarist his credits include Faith Hill, Lonestar, Rascall Flatts, etc. . . . He runs a demo service that does consistently good work for the many students I’ve recommended. He hires top union players and seems to respect and genuinely care about pleasing his mail order clients (as well as those who attend the sessions). His demos are not cheap but they are better than what most of the other services offer. I’ve personally worked with him many times and have no qualms about recommending him. FYI, Larry’s is among a handful of demo services I refer my students to – - and I don’t have any kind of business or financial arrangement with any of them. I recommend them simply because they do excellent work.”

Jason Blume
(Back to Your Heart – Backstreet Boys)

“As the writer of “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye” and “Not That Different“, my two #1 Country songs, as well as a #1 Dance tune, I have been making demos in this town for quite a while. I got to the point that if I couldn’t get Larry Beaird to play guitar on one of my sessions, I would cancel the session and wait for him. THEN, he opened up his own studio. It’s the best. Larry hires amazing players, and leads them into whatever style is needed for the song………quickly and efficiently!! It’s actually a miraculous process to witness. I would recommend Beaird Music Group to anyone who is interested in making a first class demo.”

Karen Taylor-Good

“I recommend you all the time because you ARE the best. Your playing and recording quality are of the highest standards. You do great work at a very fair price. I’m really impressed with your talent as a player and producer.”

Rick Beresford
(If Drinking Don’t Kill Me, Her Memory Will – George Jones) 

“We couldn’t be happier with how our album project turned out. Our songs ran the gamut of genres, from blues, to R&B, to rock-n-roll, to contemporary, and you and your studio nailed every single one of them. Not only are you, your engineer, and musicians incredibly talented, but a pleasure to work with as well. We look forward to working with you guys again in the future. Thanks again, Larry. You’re the best!”

Steve Waites
McQuaites Music

“A great production!  Beautiful acoustic piano work.  Thanks for all the great guitar licks and for a decade of great demos!  You’re the best, Larry…”

George Burakowski
Hollywood, California


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