November Mentor Session Winners!


We have completed the drawing!

The winners for the free songwriter mentoring sessions in November are:

Roger Vines


Mike Franke


If your name was not selected, please sign up for a chance to win in December. If you have entered before, you only need to do step one again.  If you’ve never entered, please complete the entry requirements below:

1. Send an email to with the subject 'Mentor Drawing'.

2. Sign up for our studio email updates.

3. Like Beaird Music Group on Facebook.

4. Tell us how you found out about us.

5. If your name is drawn, supply an MP3 and lyric sheet of one song in advance of the mentoring session.

The deadline to apply for the free December mentoring sessions is November 30, 2016. The December winners’ names will be drawn on December 1, 2016.

Time permitting, each winner will have a chance to do any or all of the following:

1. Have songs charted by Larry.

2. Discuss musical arrangements* for the song(s).

3. Talk about the music business in general.

4. Receive a tour of our studios (in person or via Skype)

(You are not required to record with us to receive a free mentoring session. Current clients are welcome to apply.)

Dates and times for the Mentoring Sessions will be determined after the writers have been selected each month. We will try to find a date and time that works well for both Larry and each writer.

We wish you the best with your music and look forward to seeing you!

Aaron Beaird

Beaird Music Group, Inc.

*Arranging of chords to go with voice-only recordings is available for a fee, but not included with the free mentoring session.

Posted on November 3, 2016 .