Songwriter Minute 2018

Nashville Comes to Charlotte!


What: Larry Beaird's Songwriter Minute Workshop 2018

When: September 22, 2018, 9:30 am-1:00 pm

Where: The Well, 220 Main St., Pineville, NC 28135

Cost: Before Aug 31, 2018 - $60  - After Aug 31, 2018 - $65

Registration: Call Aaron Beaird at (615) 279-8030 to register for the workshop.

NSAI Contact: Fiona McAllister (704) 678-8568

(Don't forget to register for a chance to win a free demo here!)

The Workshop

Larry Beaird has researched hit songs for many years to see what makes them work. He will be sharing the results of his research with songwriters in order to suggest ways to make their songs more commercial.

In addition to Larry’s recent research, he also uses his experience as a session musician in Nashville.  He’s played on thousands of recording sessions for writers and artists. Albums, singles, and videos he’s performed on have sold over 28 million copies - including 2 songs of the year - Three Wooden Crosses by Randy Travis and I’m Movin’ On by Rascal Flatts. For a more detailed look at Larry’s recording experience, click here:

Highlights of the workshop include:

- Larry will examine a group of Top 10 Hits and show what makes them work.
- He will also examine up to 5 songs written by writers in attendance (chosen by random drawing).
- A drawing will be held for a free $625 Premier Demo from Beaird Music Group! 
- See 20+ ways  to make your songs more like the hits.

Larry’s Songwriter Minute videos take a look at some of the topics of the workshop. You can see examples of his videos here:

Early Registration Rewards

Reserve your seat by August 31, 2018 and receive a discounted rate AND have a chance to have one of your songs presented in the workshop. 

The 5 local writers' names to have their songs presented will be drawn from the list of Early Registrants. This drawing is scheduled to take place the morning of September 4th

The songs to be included in the workshop must be submitted to Larry by September 7th.  Please email an MP3 and lyric sheet to

Demo Giveaway

The Premier Demo to be given away includes: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Steel.  This is a 30 minute tracking spot with the band on a session shared with other writers.

It also includes up to 3 hours of studio time (after tracking with the musicians) for vocals and mixing, 3 free CDs upon request, and an email with full quality WAV file mixes. Vocalist fees, if needed, are not included.  Your song can be recorded whether or not you are able to attend the session in person.

Register for the demo giveaway here by September 15, 2018.

The Premier Demo given away will be eligible for Evening With A Publisher.

Mentoring Sessions

Usually Larry does some Private Mentoring sessions (one-on-one) after his workshops, but he's changing it up some for Charlotte. He'll be doing "Public Mentoring Sessions" where he will concentrate on a song for one writer while other writers are listening in. These sessions will be 30 minutes per writer and the cost is $40 for the half-hour - paid in advance (see below). 

- What should I bring?

1. Bring one song on your phone or laptop - or you can perform it live. 

2. Bring lyrics for Larry.

- What will I receive?

1. Larry will chart your song and give the chart to you at the end of the session. 

2. During the half-hour, Larry will listen and use his experience and research to help advise how to arrange your songs to be more like what’s on the radio. 

3. You'll receive a $40 discount off a recording at Beaird Music Group, Inc. (offer good for 30 days)

- Where and when will the mentoring sessions take place?

Starting at 2:30 pm on Saturday at The Well. Please call or text Larry at (615) 400-2200 to schedule a mentoring session.

How do I pay for a mentoring session?

Please call Aaron Beaird at (615) 279-8030 to pay for a mentoring session.