Arranging the Hit - Top Trends for Verses

Songwriters, did you know that EVERY #1 song of 2015 has only two verses? In fact, the current #1 song, "Strip It Down" by Luke Bryan only has one and a half!  It's a real art for songwriters to be able to condense everything they need to say into just 2 verses.  The current #1 songs prove that it definitely works!

Also, no verse of the #1 songs of 2015 uses more than 4 chords.  In the Luke Bryan example, the song is in the key of A, and there are only 3 chords in the verse: Bm, D, and A. In fact Bm, D, and A are the only chords in the entire song! Every section (verse, chorus AND bridge) use this pattern: Bm Bm D D A A A A.

Girl Crush by Little Big Town (#1 for 13 weeks!) uses just 4 chords for the verse: C Em F G. 

Take Your Time by Sam Hunt (#1 for 11 weeks!) is in the key of B and uses only 2 chords in the verse: G#m and C#m.

Don't get me wrong - there are many hit songs that have more than 2 verses (some are favorites of mine).  I'm just supplying facts about the current #1 songs

I'm not implying that writers need to rewrite songs they've already completed, but I think it's a great idea for writers to have songs in their catalog that fit this pattern .

According to the #1 songs of 2015, writing songs that have no more than 2 verses (with no more than 4 chords in each verse) is an extremely commercial way to write songs.

All the best with your music!

- Larry Beaird

Posted on October 15, 2015 .