Songwriter Minute Workshop 2018


Larry Beaird has researched hit songs for many years to see what makes them work. He likes to share the results of his research with songwriters in order to suggest ways to make their songs more commercial.

He began a few years ago by writing musical charts for every #1 song of 2014 and 2015. Since then he’s also looked at various Top 5 and Top 10 hits as well as the CMA and ACM Songs-of-the-Year of the last 5 years. Although he mainly focuses on Country, he also looks at title use in several other genres including Rock, Pop, Latin, etc.

For the 2018 workshop, Larry will focus on a group of Top 10 songs from Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. Some of the topics he will focus on include:

1. How hit songs best use verses, choruses and bridges
2. Use of intros, turnarounds, solos, and outros
3. Chords used (and chords NOT used) in the hits
4. Vocal ranges of the artists
5. “Tightening up” songs so that publishers and other listeners will stay interested to the end
6. Number of writers per hit song
7. Time it takes the hits to get to the first chorus
8. Minimum, maximum and average songs lengths
9. Time signatures, grooves, and tempos
10.The difference between a swing and straight-eight groove
11. Patterns of chords used in the hits
12.Frequency and placement of song titles
13.Topics of the hits
14.Choosing the best chords for particular melodies
15.Sticking with the central idea of the title
16.The importance of repetition
17.The importance of rhyme (and use of “imperfect” rhyme)
18.Title use in several other genres
19.Use of instrumental sections (solos) in current hits
20.How Songs-of-the-Year are different

Larry’s Songwriter Minute videos take a look at some of the topics above. You can see
examples of his videos here:

The workshop is presented in a PowerPoint presentation that lasts 2 to 3 hours. Along with his
research of the Top 10 hits, Larry will analyze up to 3 songs written by writers in attendance.
These songs will be charted and analyzed using the same methods used to research the hits.
They will need to be submitted to Larry at least a week in advance. Each songwriter group can
determine how to best select these songs.

During his workshop, Larry teaches a quick and easy lesson on the Nashville Number System.
He’s also in the process of compiling an extensive glossary on terms and phrases used in the
studio by recording musicians, and he’ll share some of these terms with those who attend his

Writers will be able to see how Larry can arrange chords for songs that are presented to him
with just a voice-only (aCapella) recording. For a before-and-after video example, click here:

In addition to Larry’s recent research, he also uses his experience as a session musician in
Nashville. He’s played on thousands of recording sessions for writers and artists. Albums,
singles and videos that he’s performed on have sold over 28 million copies - including 2 songs
of the year- Three Wooden Crosses by Randy Travis and I’m Movin’ On by Rascal Flatts. For a more detailed look at Larry’s recording experience, click here:

For reviews of past workshops (formerly titled Arranging the Hit). please click here:

The cost for the workshop is only $50 per person*. This includes all of Larry’s travel expenses
AND for workshops with at least 15 paid attendees, a drawing is included for a free $625 demo
from Beaird Music Group! (The winner’s song can be recorded whether or not the writer can be present at the session in Nashville).

Private mentoring sessions are an optional add-on to the workshop. These sessions are
available at the rate of $100/hour. They are not part of the workshop.

To book a workshop for your songwriting group, or if you have questions, please contact Larry here:  Cell: (615) 400-2200 / Email:

All the best with your music!

*Workshop cost is good for workshops booked by Oct 1, 2018.

Posted on July 19, 2018 .