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A&B Renascent

Brad Alexander

Kaci's terrific.”


Robin Anderson

“Demo sounds great. Thanks for taking the time to work out the signature lick. Jim is Great. Had a good time.Rob is talented. Tytus is great.”


Shaun Ames

Shaun Apple

Adam Avery

Song Writer Universe gets 70,000 unique hits per month and the song will be posted on their front page. Please thank the crew for me! Blown away by the professionalism and speedy correspondence via email. All excellent musicians, but the Piano and steel guitar were outstanding. One of the most impressive aspects of your studio. Never felt left out in the dark, but communication was precise, clear and to the point. Love that. Very pleased with the demo. Already had it place top 5 in a songwriting contest. Keep doing what you're doing. You guys are the consummate pros.”



Bonnie Baker

It was a great session! Tracking was smooth. Vocals were scheduled and completed at a reasonable time. Loved the final mix!! Incredible players who were focused and prepared. Every instrument was the best I could ever ask for. Our mix engineer was stellar. I would use him anytime! Great instincts and great ears and easy to communicate with. Everyone in the office is professional and easy to work with.”


Kevin Bard

Cary Barlowe

Jeff Batson

Always the consummate professionals…”


Karen Bellville

I am extremely happy with my new song. I must tell you I never worry about my music wth Larry and the guys because they make sure its perfect before I leave there.. I have so much trust with you all and as long as I can sing a tune I will continue to do my CD's with Larry. You all always make me feel very welcome and I appreciate your kindness..God Bless you all my friends.


Benn Cutarelli


Patty Bourne

Tenasie Bowe

Germain Brunet

Jim Burning



Ann Cameron

Buddy Cannon

Ed Carey

Ed Cawthon

Carol Clark

Carol Clark

Robert Clark

Robert Clay

Simon Climie

John Condrone

Jamie Creasy


Benn Cutarelli



Randy Davis

Ward Davis

Steve Dean

Michael DeCroix

Philip Douglas



Brent Duersch



Ashton Elvis

Ciara Emanuele



Doug Folkins

Holden Forrest

Tom Fox

Very happy with the whole experience-thanks!”



Randy Gallaway

Lew Garrison

Larry, staff, and musicians are wonderful. It is great to work with such talented folks. Hope to be doing it a long time.

I did some in person and others by live stream. Nothing beats being there in person. To be part of the process and to see a song come to life is a thrill. The live stream is a good substitute if cant be there in person. The band was just incredible. No other way to describe them. Vocalists were superb. Just keep doing what you are doing!”


Tom Glynn

Ben Goldsmith

Mike Gowen

Always bring my worktapes to fruition and understand my production notes. Complete professionals.”


Lorrie Graves

Clinton Gregory

Jami Grooms



Mary Haller

Bobby Hamrick

Craig Hand

George Hay

Jack Hayford

always great :) always great engineers :) always great players :) awesome working with Jim. Rob was great. A wonderful group of people! We regularly refer people to your facility. keep up the great work!!”


Nicolette Hayford

Eric Heatherly

Blake Henderson

Phil Hodge

Being from out of town, the ease in which I was able to get a professional recording of my song was just amazing. This was my second time recording with BMG and it went quite well once again! The playing level of these musicians is unmatched anywhere..! I was very pleased with the vocalist and the result and am very happy I chose her to perform the vocal. Tytus is a great asset to BMG and is always helpful! Great value..! The opportunity to get a Nashville quality product without leaving my home is a godsend! When you add the 'Night With A Producer' opportunity you can really see how BMG provides a great service..!”


Elizabeth Huett

Betsy Hunley

Timothy Hunter

Perfect, as always! Just Larry and Wanda on this one. Both understood quickly the feel of the song and played the right combination instruments and music to create the magic. You guys are almost like family now, and the studio a second home. I love recording at BMG because you always make me feel like a rock star during the process, and you send me home sounding like one.”


Ryan Hydro



Roger Jackson

Jamison Road



Matt Keyler

Brad Knight

Sol Knopf

Ben Krahne

Goran Kralj



Michael Lake

Frank Larry

Breanne Lawrenson

Lynda Levy

Hardin Lewis

I have been tempted to use other studios because of their lower prices. But I have such trust and confidence in Larry. You get what you pay. Everybody I play the demos for remark on their quality and always ask who is singing. THE GREAT RON WALLACE. In fact I played one for my mac one on one instructor. He had worked in a studio four years and was impressed. Thanks..”


Paul Lewis




Jon MacLaren

Monet Maddux

Steve Maggio

Gary Maltman

Michelle McCammond

Hayley McLean

Kate McGrade

My dad saiid ya get what ya pay for....I think he was right on. Other demo places are mills. Beaird treats your songs like they hope it is the next big hit! Seemless. Flowed. Liking Cody more each song that calls for male vocals. Everyone at Beaird makes you feel like your songs matter even if you haven't sold a single one! I so appreciate the calls and emails to double check and get it straight before recording an expensive miscommunication. It seems our songs are done in a timely manner...not put off and never rushed. The Evening with A Publisher is why we don't opt for only acoustic and vocalist. That ability to gave songs heard makes full band worth the extra money. Radio ready is always the goal.Don't change the group attitude, professionalism, or kindness.”


Melody Roundup Music

Billy Miller

Dean Miller

Johnny Miller

Clay Mills

Kirsten Millsap

Dennis Morgan

Christopher Mustica

Larry , you and Your Team are Outstanding. Thankyou So much for the Songs You have Recorded for me.”



John Nickles

Vu Nguyen



Odie Blackmon

Rick Orozco

Karen Osayamen



Marc Pagan

Jonathan Patterson

Bubba Pellitiere

Jason Plummer

Barry Poole

Hillary Powell

Jonny Price

Sylvester Proud



David Ray

Chad Raymon

Red Vinyl

Michael Ricks

Chip Rives

Dan Robinson

Joe Romano

Arlen Russell

Andrew Ryder



Christy Schmidt

Jason Sheets

Lenny Skolnik

Sony ATV

Alisa Star

John Steed

Marcum Stewart



Sondra Toscano

Matt Trivigno

Anne Trisler

Steven Troy

Tori Tullier



Jason Vanover

Billy Yates



Sam Walker

Elvira Walls

Always an amazing all-around experience. Fun, professional and inspiring. The most talented musicians in Nashville! They listen to what you want and then totally deliver - above my expectations every time. All 3 vocalists were amazing and interpreted the lyrics and emotions of each song perfectly. Rob and Clay were great and helpful. A very friendly and helpful environment. “


Rita Weyls

Todd White

Chad Wilson



Billy Yates



Andrea Zats

Really easy experience.  Very fun! Larry was really informative and kept it interactive. The band-All very skilled and talented! Clay was great!


Posted on February 5, 2014 .