Recently Seen or Heard for June

Pictured: Jim DeBlanc, Adam Fears, Ted Bazarnik, Scott Hilderbrand

Pictured: Jim DeBlanc, Adam Fears, Ted Bazarnik, Scott Hilderbrand

Pictured: Michael Downs, Stan Brown, Alicia Major, Robert Major, Philip Byler

Pictured: Michael Downs, Stan Brown, Alicia Major, Robert Major, Philip Byler

Pictured: Jeff Cohen, Bethany Joy Lenz

Pictured: Jeff Cohen, Bethany Joy Lenz

Pictured: Carli Kennedy, Ralph Murphy, Julie Kennedy

Pictured: Carli Kennedy, Ralph Murphy, Julie Kennedy

143 names!


Anchor Down

Sammy Arriaga


Kaitlyn Baker

Amber Bauer

Ted Bazarnik

Shelby Bentley

John Berry

Kent Blazy

Blaire Bodine

Jimmy Borja

Tom Botkin

Roger Bourne

Jay Brehmer

“I honestly don't think it could get any better. Thank you for another great session. Looking forward to the next one.”

Mike Britt

Dave Brodeur

Stan Brown

“Fantastic! I hit 5 on instruments we didn't have because all were excellent! Great people to work with, they make it look easy...that's the professionalism of Beaird Music Group.”

Gary Burr

Sarah Buxton


Sharyn Cassidy

Dave Ciccone

Larry Clark

Jeff Cohen

Leah Cole

Kellys Collins

Jamie Creasy


Dan Hodges Music

Cooter Daniel

Richard Davis

James Delaney

Tom Douglas

Paul Duncan

Whitney Duncan

Matthew Dunn


Stephen Edgerton




Joey Feek

Rory Feek

Ivan Fleming

Amy Foster

April Fraiser


Dianne Garrand

Tom Glynn

Sherri Gough

Joe Grisafi

“Great job. Treated me very well. Felt comfortable and relaxed. Larry & the band treated me like I was one of the boys in the band. Very professional. Engineer had great attitude and into it. He made the mix easy and always deferred to my taste.The vocalist worked with me on song took my input and had his own variations and open to try different phrasing. Value very fair and worth it. Move to New Jersey or Philly. Just kidding. Do what

you've been doing.”


Brittany Hadley

Caylee Hammack

JT Harding

Bobby Hamrick

Gary Hannan

JT Harding

Joe Harris

“Unbelievable as what was done over the phone. World class....Scored 4 out of 5 stars on music x-ray....I don't know what 5 stars would have sounded like. I will give the mix  a 5 here because I know in today's country market guitar and drums are way out front. The overall quality exceeded my expectations. Everyone was very helpful and showed a lot of patience with me. This is well worth the little extra $ I have wasted a lot of money in the past with sub par musicians and folks that did not understand what I was trying to do. The quality is way above what I am used to. I just wish I had done this before. I would have a better product to pitch and in the long run less expensive. From now on I will just use Larry to produce all my demos.”

Shane Hawryluk

Roy Headrick

John Henderson

Liz Hengber

“Im loving working with you guys. love that we get to pick our musicians. “

Aaron Heuke

Stephen Hiles

“Awesome folks to work with and very professional! These guys nailed the song! The band did a super job! Ron Wallace is always exceptional.”


Greg Hudik


John Ims

Mark Irwin



Julie Kennedy

Karli Kennedy

Sarah Kirkland

Ben Krahne

Dean Krell


Jenny Leigh

Stan Lemons

Lynda Levy

“the demo is great .i loved it, my manager loved it (and she is music -savy) so we're very happy. tytus has been great.

Hardin Lewis

“Great experience.”

Paul Lewis

“I could not be more satisfied with either song. I had one of the best experiences of my life at your studio.”


Steve Maggio

Alicia Major

Elizabeth Manorew

Mary Helen Mares

Anne Marie

Frank Maroney

Will McCrory

Kate McGrade

Bob McKillop

“Another great job – I am totally satisfied. Great guitar work, Larry! Beaird Music Group excels at customer service - most importantly, the communication is great, I always know what to expect and I always know the status of my order.”

Melody Roundup

Gary Menszer

Middle Girl Music

Georgia Middleman

Dean Miller

Janet Miller

Scott Miller

Jake Mitchell

Rick Mizzoni

Kimberly Most

Brittany Mulgrew

Ralph Murphy


Mark Nesler

Ryan Newday

Steve Nornhold


Kurt Ozdagler


Patrick Joseph Music

Jonathan Patterson

Isabella Perelman

Ray Phillips

“Everyone there seems to really care about customer satisfaction and completing a great finished song.”

Rene Pinzon

Mo Pitney

Jamie Polen

Adam Power

“I cannot fault the service at Beaird studios. 'Everyone' is so helpful and supportive. The session musicians are all brilliant, efficient and tasteful in their playing. Larry is so professional that in 25 years of recording I've never had anyone produce that quality of recordings. Here in Australia, you can get ripped off, always have to watch the clock, it's 3 times more expensive and a half the quality of your sound. There's no '10' I had to choose option 5. The musicians were faultless. I didn't get to meet Jim DeBlanc, but he did a wonderful mix. Also a big 'hi' to Rob who did a brilliant job as well and thank you to Rob for when he gave me and my partner Michelle a ride to the mall. Rick and Doug were outstanding. I loved the country edge Doug put to my melodies. Clay is great. You guys gave me the fantastic Doug Stokes. Perfect mix. Staff is always helpful. If this was in Australia I'd probably have to pay 3 times as much.”


Peter Quinn


Sandy Ramos

Willie Reale

Chip Rives

Will Robinson

Joe Romeo

Denise Rosier

David Rossi

Olivia Rudeen

John Russell


Leslie Satcher

Chris Sayers

Carl Schwitzer

Victoria Shaw

Larry Singleton

Drew Six

James Slater

Jan Slow

Caitlyn Smith

Gerald Smith

Michael Smith

Jonathan Snellings

Ryan Sorestad

Derrick Southerland

Dan Storm


James Todd


Mark Unterberger


Gary Valeriani

Jason Vanover

Kevin VanPay

Randy VanVooren


Adam Wakefield

Monty Warden

Denny Wayne

John Weber

Chris Woodward

Zac Wrixon


Billy Yates



Posted on July 2, 2013 .